Campo di Brenzone

A beautiful cross country bike trail of about 23 kilometers, of medium difficulty that leads from Malcesine to the ancient medieval village of Campo of Brenzone. First you pedal over the hills on continuous ups and downs, and then the return is along the beach instead.

LENGTH: 23 km



Enter the Panoramica road and at the first bend take the road on the right for Dos Del Pis. After the uphill, go down and keep the left until Val di Sogno. Cross the Gardesana road and take the first shortcut on tarmac that leads to the bay of Val di Sogno. Now go straight south on the cycle lane to the small village of Cassone. Here go back again to the Gardesana and turn left uphill just after the small Aril river. At the crossroads, keep to the right and carry on south on the concrete road up to Sommavilla.

From Sommavilla continue to the south and after some meters, before the downhill, keep left on the Monteccio road. Take the muletrack on the left and under the small arch with indications for trail 31. Go straight until Zignago, then to Castello.

In Castello take the uphill to the left before the church. You go through Venzo and Boccino and keep the left for Cà Romana. From here keep uphill to the left on the tarmac road to Campo which becomes a muletrack and path. Go on over the track to the left just under the church of Campo which in a short time leads to Fasor, then Biaza and Castelletto.

In Castelletto carry on north on the cycle lane and in about eleven minutes you will be back to Malcesine through Val di Sognos’s bay and the promenade of Malcesine.

At the end of the promenade continue to the center of the town, climb along Viale Roma that takes you to the main roundabout of Malcesine. Continue to the south to reach your starting point.

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