Madonna dell’Accoglienza

A round tour on the hills, easy/medium, of about 8 kilometers up to the Madonna dell’Accoglienza with an amazing panoramic view over the town. The return track is along the promenade and around the harbour of Malcesine.

LENGTH: 8,8km



The tour starts at the beginning of southern Panoramica road. Go north on the Gardesana road and at the second roundabout enter Via Navene Vecchia uphill on the right. Continue straight and at the end of the uphill, after 1 kilometer, turn to the right uphill close to the restaurant Il Cervo and go on up the mule track. Continue uphill on a tarmac road and at the fountain turn right to end up on the Panoramica road.

Head south and just before the long uphill, turn right downhill following the indications for Paier. At the shrine, turn left uphill and follow the path with indications for the Madonna dell’ Accoglienza. Take the steps on your right to reach the panoramic terrace of Madonna dell’Accoglienza for a well-deserved pause.

Now go back to the beginning of the steps and continue downhill to the south keeping on the main road that leads to the Panoramica road.

Follow it for about 700 meters and at the third bend take the shortcut on your left that takes you back to the Panoramica road. Cross it and climb for some meters to enter the shortcut on the left, then turn left again on Panoramica road and then immediately on the right for Puri to reach Gardesana road. Cross the road and take the shortcut on the left for the promenade of Malcesine. At the end of the promenade go straight on until you reach the harbour of Malcesine, take via Parrocchia on the right, then the steps on the right of via Pisort to go back to your starting point.

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