Dosso Merlo and Monte Fubia of Malcesine

An easy/medium trail of 14 kilometers with gentle slopes and plenty of panoramic points that ends in Malcesine passing through the trenches of Dosso Merlo and Monte Fubia.

LENGTH: 14 km



The trail starts at the beginning of the southern Panoramica road. Head north on the Gardesana road and at the second roundabout enter Navene Vecchia road uphill. Go on uphill for about 1,5 km and, after a flat stretch before the descent, take the San Marco road at the height of the Hotel Majestic.

Now go straight heading north until the cycle lane along the beach; after the Fraglia Vela Malcesine enter the first road uphill on the right, then turn right again. Go on for about 300 meters, turn left and enter the path for some meters, then go on the right on the tarmac road and enter the path on the right close to a bar.

Here an un-tarmacked road starts with a gentle uphill slope and in about 30 minutes will take you to the trenches of Dosso Merlo. Head south and at the clearing around Dosso Merlo turn slightly to the right and go uphill keeping to the left. Be careful to take the right trail because there are no indications in the clearing and turning first sharp left would seem to be right but it isn’t.

Go straight on a rough path until the beginning of a short and steep zig-zag stretch that leads to Monte Fubia at about 440 meters of height. To reach the panoramic point of Monte Fubia you have to leave the current trail and enter the path following the red dots.

Now go down on a muletrack keeping right until you reach the Panoramica road. In front of you, slightly left, there is a downhill shortcut on tarmac/gravel and muletrack that ends at the Navene Vecchia road. Then turn left and go straight down to Malcesine on the Gardesana Road. Turn left again to go back to the starting point.

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